Scott + Maddy's Rainy Engagement

Maddy and Scott knew that they wanted to take their engagement photos in the Fall. The only day that all three of us were available and in the same place, happened to be the first day it rained in months. We were excited for the idea of some sprinkling rain, but wasn’t expecting it to be POURING. As we drove to Quail Hollow, I prayed that it would stop raining or even sprinkle for just an hour. When we got there, the rain actually stopped. After 5 minutes without rain, it started sprinkling and then pouring again. I actually loved it because they had time to be dry, without an umbrella and time to have fun and adventure in the rain. Although it was challenging to show them what to do next, take photos with one hand and hold an umbrella with the other, it was different and unique. I also love that Scott and Maddy were okay having wet hair and clothes and rolled with the punches. This shoot just shows that its all what you make of it.

Check out some of the results from their engagement shoot below!

Christa Boynton2 Comments