Butte Meadows Woods + Snow Engagement

Makayla and Weston became close friends after spending some time in their small group. Although they did not share their feelings for one another for awhile, there was obviously more than friendship between them. One night, Weston asked Makayla to come grab her jacket from his house while he was “at work.” When she walked in, flowers swung into her arms (with a contraption Weston made) and he popped up playing their favorite romantic country song and immediately pulled her into a dance and asked her to be his girlfriend… YEAH HOW FREAKING MOVIE CUTE IS THAT?! Anyways, a few months later, he had Makayla believe she was going to an event with her friends in which she had to dress up. As she was walking out of the house, Weston appeared at the door wearing a tux (or something fancy to match her) and took her to her favorite place.. a rose garden (she loves roses), where he told her he loved her. Fast forward to December 2, 2018. Weston took Makayla to their spot, Butte Meadows after church. There was snow covering the ground and trees when he got down on one knee holding out the ring in the wooden box he made. So of course, their engagement session had to be in Butte Meadows as well! They will be getting married in the same rose garden where Weston first said “I love you.” When Makayla told me their story, I was blown away by how beautiful it was. I am so blessed to have become friends with this sweet couple through their love story.