CANYON OAKS Country Club Wedding - TINA + MATT

On August 11, 2018, Tina + Matt tied the knot. These two went to high school together and found each other later on in life. They have three beautiful daughters together and the wedding was truly family-centered with one daughter in the bridal party and the other little ones as the flower girls.

This day in Chico was the first day in weeks in which the smoke from the Redding fire didn't cloud the sky, so the sun was out! With little smoke in the air, the sun was more orange and less bright than usual, causing the afternoon light look like sunset, which was beautiful.

All of the bridal party ladies and gents looked pretty spiffy and were so fun. The kids also danced around the entire time and posed for all of the photos, which made the day.

Wishing the best of luck to this sweet couple!

Christa BoyntonComment