One to Two

Announcing the Exciting Addition to my Photography.

Cheers to my first blog post! So this blog is very important because I am announcing that I am now offering two, yes TWO styles. I truly love color and I truly love brown tones. I have tried to combine these two styles for a long time and cannot manage to create a style that I love, so therefore I will now offer two styles.

I initially started my photography business with a brighter, colorful edit because it was fitting for the photos I was taking at the time, graduates. After gaining experience in other areas of photography I have discovered how much I like 2 editing styles. I knew that I should edit photos with the style that clients would expect from me, but as of June 21, clients can choose the edit that they like best.

Each of my clients will now have their choice of style that they feel will best suit their photography needs. If someone loves my work, but feels that it is too bright and colorful then they can now choose my rustic edit.

My magical editing style is vibrant, capturing color and light. This is most used to capture beautiful colors for what they are. My rustic editing style on the other hand has a "romantic" appearance. It has darker and less saturated colors. This style is most used for modeling and romantic shots. This blog serves to show the difference between these edits with these two beautiful ladies I call my sisters. Leave comments on your thoughts! :)

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