Durham House Inn Wedding - Aaron & Cheyenne

From start to finish, Cheyenne and Aaron’s wedding day was truly so unique, fun, and beautiful. 

Cheyenne and Aaron met in the college ministry group, Cru. They grew close as friends and eventually Cheyenne developed a crush on Aaron. After spending time apart from Cheyenne one summer, Aaron realized how much he not only wanted but needed Cheyenne in his life. Aghh how cute is that.

When they saw each other after summer, Aaron made his move and they officially became boyfriend and girlfriend.

A few years later, the couple planned to go on a fancy double date, which to Cheyenne’s surprise was a proposal. She had no idea and couldn’t be more excited to say yes.

Cheyenne and Aaron’s wedding day truly reflected who they are. They took every moment captive, not worrying about the stresses of the day. Instead, they laughed with each other and their friends. They greeted each guest who came out to celebrate their special day and made each guest feel so appreciated. I am so honored that I could celebrate such a monumentous day with them.

Christa BoyntonComment